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All Windows have a base state, and possibly some more states. Every state has a particular prefix, and they all share the following settings.


Every State has the following 3 brushes. || *Prefix* || *Description* || || (statePrefix) || Used to render the background. || || (statePrefix)Outline || Used to render the outline. || || (statePrefix)Font || Used to render the text. ||



The X radius to draw corners with.

Type: Integer
Default Value: *0*


The Y radius to draw corners with.

Type: Integer
Default Value: *0*


The width of the outline around the window.

Type: Integer
Default Value: *0*



The font to render text with.

Default Value: *Arial*


The font size.

Type: Float
Default Value: *12*


How stretched out the font is. Ultra Condensed, Extra Condensed, Condensed, Semi Condensed, Normal, Medium, Semi Expanded, Expanded, Extra Expanded, or Ultra Expanded.

Default Value: *Normal*


The font style. Normal, Oblique, or Italic.

Default Value: *Normal*


The weight of the font. Thin, Extra Light, Ultra Light, Light, Semi Light, Normal, Regular, Medium, Semi Bold, Bold, Extra Bold, Ultra Bold, Black, Heavy, Extra Black, or Ultra Black.

Default Value: *Normal*


Specifies the direction in which reading progresses.

Default Value: *!LeftToRight*


The horizontal alignment of the text. Left, Center, or Right.

Default Value: *Left*


Text offset from the background.

Type: Rectangle Default Value: *0 0 0 0*


Text rotation, in degrees.

Default Value: *0*


When text needs to be cut of due to size constraints, how much to cut of. None, Character, or Word.

Default Value: *Word*


The vertical alignment of the text. Bottom, Middle, or Top.

Default Value: *Top*


Defines how to wrap text when necessary.

|| *Value* || *Description* || || Wrap || Indicates that words are broken across lines to avoid text overflowing the layout box. || || !NoWrap || Indicates that words are kept within the same line even when it overflows the layout box. ||

Default Value: *!NoWrap*


Every named window supports the following bangs for every state it contains.

In order for a bang to modify a state, it needs to be able to uniquely identify that state. The unnamed based state is specified by simply giving the window name.


  • nLabel LabelName
This will set the outline width for the default state

!nSetOutlineWidth LabelName 20

This will set the outline width for the hover state

!nSetOutlineWidth LabelName Hover 20


!nSetCornerRadiusX (windowPrefix) (statePrefix) radius Modifies the CornerRadiusX setting.


!nSetCornerRadiusY (windowPrefix) (statePrefix) radius Modifies the CornerRadiusY setting.


!nSetFont (windowPrefix) (statePrefix) width Modifies the Font setting.

Not implemented yet.


!nSetFontSize (windowPrefix) (statePrefix) size Modifies the FontSize setting.

Not implemented yet.


!nSetFontStretch (windowPrefix) (statePrefix) value Modifies the FontStretch setting.

Not implemented yet.


!nSetFontStyle (windowPrefix) (statePrefix) value Modifies the FontStyle setting.

Not implemented yet.


!nSetFontWeight (windowPrefix) (statePrefix) value Modifies the FontWeight setting.

Not implemented yet.


!nSetOutlineWidth (windowPrefix) (statePrefix) width Modifies the OutlineWidth setting.


!nSetReadingDirection (windowPrefix) (statePrefix) value Modifies the ReadingDirection setting.


!nSetTextAlign (windowPrefix) (statePrefix) value Modifies the TextAlign setting.


!nSetTextOffset (windowPrefix) (statePrefix) left top right bottom Modifies the TextOffset setting.


!nSetTextRotation (windowPrefix) (statePrefix) degrees Modifies the TextRotation setting.


!nSetTextTrimmingGranularity (windowPrefix) (statePrefix) value Modifies the TextTrimmingGranularity setting.


!nSetTextVerticalAlign (windowPrefix) (statePrefix) value Modifies the TextVerticalAlign setting.


!nSetWordWrapping (windowPrefix) (statePrefix) value Modifies the WordWrapping setting.