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nMediaInfo provides information about the currently playing media in Foobar or Winamp (or anything else that provides Winamp emulation), as well as bang commands to control playback. It can also render coverart.

Loading the module

To load nMediaInfo you need to add a `LoadModule` line pointing to this modules file to your step.rc or theme.rc: LoadModule "$ModulesDir$nMediaInfo-0.5.dll" Or, if you are using NetLoadModule:

  • NetLoadModule nMediaInfo-0.5

Make sure to load nMediaInfo _after_ nCore since it needs the library functions nCore provides.

Dynamic Text Functions

nMediaInfo exports the following dynamic text functions.

Bang commands

nMediaInfo provides the following bang commands.

Cover Rendering

nMediaInfo can currently retrieve cover art from ID3(mp3), FLAC, and MP4 tags. If it can't find any cover art in the tag, or is told not to look for it, it can also search for image files residing in the same folder as the played file.

Creating a window

A nMediaInfo window is created like this:

  • nMediaInfo name

The window has all the normal window options, bangs, and events. The actual cover art is not (currently) painted as the window background, but is rather overlayed ontop and stretched to fit the window.


All the following settings are prefixed by the window name.


The file names to use when searching for cover art in the folder of the currently playing song.

Type: String
Default Value: "AlbumArt*Large.jpg folder.jpg *.jpg *.png *.jpeg *.bmp"


Which types of images, in order of priority, to search for in the ID3 tag.

Possible values: `Other`, `FileIcon`, `OtherFileIcon`, `FrontCover`, `BackCover`, `LeafletPage`, `Media`, `LeadArtist`, `Artist`, `Conductor`, `Band`, `Composer`, `Lyricist`, `RecordingLocation`, `DuringRecording`, `DuringPerformance`, `MovieScreenCapture`, `ColouredFish`, `Illustration`, `BandLogo`, and `PublisherLogo`.

Type: String
Default Value: "FrontCover Other"


The image to use when no cover art is found. If not specified, the albumart overlay will simply not be rendered when no cover art was found.

Type: Image
Default Value: *""*