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nTaskSwitch replaces, and lets you style the alt-tab dialog. This is particularly important on Windows 8, where the old-style icons-only alt-tab dialog is otherwise used while explorer is not running as shell.


nTaskSwitch will eventually support all layout settings, but for now, Start is locked to `TopLeft`, and PrimaryDirection is locked to `Horizontal`. The prefix for the layout settings is nTaskSwitch.


Default Value: 7

Background Configuration

The background is a window, with the prefix nTaskSwtich. The text of the window is set to the title of the currently selected task.

Task Configuration

Each task is a window, with the prefix nTaskSwitchTask, and with 3 additional states. Hover, Selected, and !SelectedHover.


The margin between the edge of the task window, and the live thumbnail.

Type: Rectangle
Default Value: 10 10 10 10

Other settings


The number of milliseconds a task has to be selected for before the alt-switch dialog enters peek mode.

Default Value: Read from the registry, usually 1000.