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nTray displays tray icons ^^.


To load the module you need to add a `LoadModule` line pointing to this modules file to your step.rc or theme.rc: LoadModule "$ModulesDir$nTray-0.5.dll" Or, if you are using NetLoadModule:

  • NetLoadModule nTray-0.5

Make sure to load it _after_ nCore since it needs the library functions nCore provides.


To start you need to create a new nTray "group". You do this by naming it in your step.rc, theme.rc or any other .rc file that is loaded into your LiteStep configuration:

  • nTrayTheNAME

You can create as many nTray "groups" as you like. Adding another line like this:

  • nTrayAnotherName

will add another one.

Background Configuration

The nTray background is a window whose prefix is the name of the nTray group.

General Settings


Default Value: *16*


Default Value: *false*


Default Value: *7000*


Default Value: *false*


Default Value: *Notification.Default*


SizeLeft, SizeRight, SizeUp, SizeDown, None

Default Value: *None*


Action fired when the tray is sized.

Default Value: **

Icon Layout

nTray supports all layout settings, with the group name as the prefix.

Tooltip Configuration

The tooltip is a window with prefix (trayName)Tooltip.

The tooltip has the following default settings overridden:

|| Settings || Default Value || || Width || 150 || || Height || 40 || || !AlwaysOnTop || True || || Color || #CCFAFAD2 || || !TextColor || Black || || !TextOffsetTop || 2 || || !TextOffsetBottom || 2 || || !TextOffsetRight || 2 || || !TextOffsetLeft || 2 || || !OutlineColor || Black || || !OutlineWidth || 1.5 ||


The maximum height of the tooltip.

Default Value: *100*


The maximum width of the tooltip.

Default Value: *300*

Balloon Configuration

The ballon is made up of 3 windows. The main background window, which has a prefix of (trayName)Balloon, and 2 child windows -- the title with a prefix of (trayName)!BalloonTitle, and the X button with a prefix of(trayName)!BalloonCloseButton.

Hiding Icons

Icons can be hidden using `*`(trayName)Hide lines; with one of the two following formats

  • (trayName)Hide Icon_GUID

Where Icon_GUID is the GUID of the tray icon to hide.

  • (trayName)Hide Icon_ProcessName

Where Icon`_`!ProcessName is the name of the process that created the icon.

To get identifying information about all icons currently in the tray, execute the bang command `!`nTrayListIconIDs

Here is a table of the GUIDs for some common system icons || Icon || GUID || || Network || {7820AE74-23E3-4229-82C1-E41CB67D5B9C} || || Volume || {7820AE73-23E3-4229-82C1-E41CB67D5B9C} || || Action Center || {7820AE76-23E3-4229-82C1-E41CB67D5B9C} ||