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nClocklets you create an analog clock.

Loading the module

To load the module you need to add a `LoadModule` line pointing to nClock to your LiteStep configuration: LoadModule "$ModulesDir$nClock-0.5.dll" Or, if you are using NetLoadModule:

  • NetLoadModule nClock-0.5

Make sure to load nClock _after_ nCore since it needs the library functions nCore provides.

Creating Clocks

Clocks are created like this:

  • nClock ClockName1
  • nClock AnotherClockName AThirdClockName

Clock Configuration

The main clock is a window.

Each clock has 3 Clock Hands. The !HourHand, !MinuteHand, and !SecondHand. Every hand is painted with a brush, and has all of those settings. Every hand also has a Length, Thickness, Offset, and !SmoothMovement setting.

Sample Configuration

  • nClock Clock

Clock {

X 0
Y 0
Width 100
Height 100
Color Green
; Default updaterate is 1 second
;UpdateRate 500
; Switches to a 24 hour dial
	Color Black
	Length 40
	Thickness 4
	Color Black
	Length 45
	Thickness 2
	Color Red
	Length 55
	Thickness 2
	Offset -10