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nLabel lets you create general drawable windows, to do a little bit of whatever you want.

Loading the module

To load the module you need to add a `LoadModule` line pointing to this modules file to your step.rc or theme.rc: LoadModule "$ModulesDir$nLabel-0.5.dll" Or, if you are using NetLoadModule:

  • NetLoadModule nLabel-0.5

Make sure to load it _after_ nCore since it needs the library functions nCore provides.

Creating Labels

Labels are created like this:

  • nLabel LabelName
  • nLabel AnotherLabelName AThirdLabelName


Aside from the default state, nLabel also has a "Hover" state, with prefix (labelName)Hover. This state is activated when the mouse hovers over the label.

Ovelay Labels

nLabel allows you to use `*`(labelName)!OverlayLabel otherLabelName in order to create a child label. From a functional perspective this is equivalent to creating a regular label with the name _otherLabelName_, and setting its _Parent_ setting to _labelName_. However, this may be somewhat faster.

Dynamic Text

Labels will evaluate [DynamicText dynamic text].